Design Your Life Vision Masterclass with Caterina Kostoula

We had an amazing session with Caterina Kostoula , executive and team coach, Founder, The Leaderpath , author of the successful book Hold Successful Meetings. Caterina is not only an INSEAD alumna but has been a mentee on the Impact Mentoring Programme.

She shared with us:

-The #1 secret to realizing your vision faster than you expected
– The 2 biggest mistakes people make when designing an inspiring vision
– The #1 obstacle you will need to overcome to get clarity about your desired future

Caterina started the session by talking about Visualisation and the importance of clarity.’ It is important to be clear on what you want so you can focus and put your energy behind it’ in addition one’s vision must be tangible. Another great takeaway was that ‘Vision is a place you come from not where you are going’. We then moved on to the 2 biggest mistakes we make when designing an inspiring vision:

  1. Focus on the problem and not on the solution
  2. Don’t fear, be playful!

Often, the reason why ‘we don’t know what we want’ is simply driven by the fear of the change it will require in us.

We talked about Visionboards and there was a sharing amongst the various participants. The main takeaway is that it is very important that we have our Visionboards visible to reinforce our vision and that it should reflect our Desire and Gratitude.  Other questions raised and discussed were about ‘How do we know that we are aligned?’ Caterina says: “We have alignment in our lives when our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results are not in conflict with one another”.

The session ended with a discussion on ‘values’ and on ways to work on limiting beliefs. One powerful way to deal with limiting beliefs is by questioning oneself – is this true?

Caterina asked us to share with you her next group coaching programme –  VisionPath  a 2-week journey to defining your life vision, starting 11th October for those who want to go deeper on the topic.

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Thanks to Dawn Capital Platinum Founding Partner!

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