Connect, Learn and Share: Leadership in Gender Inclusion

Institute of Directors, London

Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 6.30pm

A special evening filled for our Mentors focused on the discussion of Leadership in Gender Inclusion and the role business leaders play.

Our Panellists

Emer Timmons

Co-chair of Men as Change Agents (MACA), chief Marketing Officer and President Strategic Sales of Brightstar Corp

Anna Thompson

Deputy Director, Strategy, Comms and International, Government Equalities Office

Helen Pitcher OBE

Chairman Advanced Boardroom Excellence, Chairman of Criminal Cases Review Commission

Some of the key questions addressed by the panel were: Who are the promoters? Who are the blockers? Has the pendulum shifted since the Hampton-Alexander report was published?   Is progress being made down the pipeline?

We discussed and shared:

  • Experiences of building a gender-equal workplace
  • How to hold senior leaders accountable for achieving gender results
  • The role mentoring and sponsorship can play as a tool 
  • How organisations and leaders are supporting the women who already work for you

The focus of the event was on facilitating an open discussion with the objective of sharing what we’ve learned and how we can move forwards in the quest of achieving a balanced work force.  Thank you to the contributions of mentors who attended as well as our panel.

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