Covid-19 pandemic shows negative impact on women in labour market

Dawn Capital partners with INSEAD Alumni UK ‘Balance in Business Initiative’ to narrow the gender gap and empower more business leaders

A year after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a recent report on gender equality by the European Commission has highlighted the negative impact the pandemic has had on female representation in the labour market. The INSEAD Alumni UK ‘Balance in Business Initiative’, formed by alumni volunteers; and early-stage venture fund, Dawn Capital, have joined forces to continue to narrow the gender gap and support future business leaders to come out of the pandemic stronger.

Dawn Capital and the ‘Balance in Business Initiative’ have an ongoing commitment to developing successful companies and supporting male and female entrepreneurs and leaders in their ventures. Dawn Capital provides investment and support to early-stage B2B software founders to scale their business’s growth through exceptional talent, products, and business models to become category-defining, global companies.

With its three pillars: Impact Mentoring, Partnership with Organisations and Outreach (through event series), the ‘Balance in Business Initiative’ inspires current and future leaders on why ‘Balance in Business’ matters, and how to implement it – right from inception. Dawn Capital recognises today’s gender gap, specifically in the technology sector. By partnering with ‘Balance in Business,’ it aims to close the gap by skilling up its team, as well as its portfolio of companies, on how to leverage the benefits of balance.

Norman Fiore, Co-Founder and General Partner of Dawn Capital says: “The lack of gender balance is particularly evident in both our industry, Venture Capital, and the technology sector we invest in. From the board and senior management, through to the engineering and product teams, the sector has unquestionably further progress to be made in achieving gender balance and maximising the potential of all talent across a business. So we are delighted to partner with Balance in Business and look forward to learning through our involvement on how we ourselves can foster and further improve the gender balance at Dawn and more importantly across our portfolio companies.”

Florence Hamilton-Schlee, Founder of the ‘Balance in Business Initiative’ adds: “As the EU and other global reports show, the pandemic has unfortunately taken us a step back in our mission. However, through our initiative and in specific the Impact Mentoring programme we aim to support the next generation of leaders and, more broadly, develop leadership competencies on gender balancing, which is fast becoming a critical skill.

I believe that especially now, it is more important than ever to develop a gender balanced talent pipeline. I am delighted to have Dawn Capital as our Platinum Founding Partner; together we will have a wider, more impactful reach to raise awareness, promote balance and create supportive networks for high potential female talent contributing to closing the gender gap.

There are many aspects to Balance in Business, but gender is an area where we feel we can make an immediate and visible difference. Our Impact Mentoring Programme, supports and empowers women in mid-to-senior positions to achieve their full potential, this has a direct impact on the numbers at the top; and more importantly, these women become role models and mentors to continue developing the talent pipeline”

The gender balance in business debate has been going on for a long time and the benefits of balance are increasingly clear with research finding: ‘Companies with a higher percentage of women in executive positions have a 34% higher total return to shareholders than those that do not.’ [Industry Week]


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