Access experienced INSEAD Mentors during lock-down- new initiative!

Impact Mentoring when you need it most

Everyone will have a unique and different experience during this crisis, but many of us are finding our work and personal lives colliding in a new dramatic ways.  With freedoms curtailed, working from home and in many cases with more work than ever, juggling work schedules with partners who are also at home; not to mention teaching the children, coping with potential job loss we know it is tough!

This is why, we have pulled together and put forward a series of Impact Mentoring sessions aimed to support you on some of the challenges you are facing at this time – we know that a solid mentor for an hour can make a difference.

This initiative is part of a concerted Alumni for Alumnae effort.  The Impact Mentoring team together with our incredible pool of experienced INSEAD mentors are offering a limited series of virtual mentoring sessions which will cover topics that we hope you will find both useful and supportive in addressing today’s “new normal” challenges.

Free Sessions - Book Now!

Choose the session that would make the most difference to you.  They will be held on Zoom and will have 3 to 6 attendees, so book soon to avoid disappointment! We are setting a maximum of six people so that you can get involved in the discussion, share and debate. 

You can attend up to two sessions – although please keep in mind as we are limiting spaces once you book your space we are taking that as a firm commitment to attend.

Do come back and check the schedule from time-to-time as we will be releasing new sessions based on demand and availability of mentors.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Due to demand we are capping sessions to TWO PER PERSON - thank you

Schedule of topics and mentors: July

Looking for a job during the pandemic

Wednesday 01 July, 4pm

Managing a start-up during pandemic

Norman Fiore, Dawn Capital

Co-founder and Partner


Thursday 02 July, 4pm

Dual career management during the pandemic

Monday 06 July, 4pm

Too many meetings? How to be strategic during the pandemic

Tuesday 07 July, 3pm

Managing Stress

Alex Oliver, Kantar

Strategy Consultant, Personal and Leadership Coach


Wednesday 08 July, 4pm

How to react as an entrepreneur to the pandemic situation

Thursday 09 July, 4pm

Effective networking during the pandemic 

Monday 13 July, 4pm

Looking for a job during the pandemic

Tuesday 14 July, 5pm

Starting a new job during the pandemic

Wednesday 15 July, 10am

Too many meetings? How to be strategic during the pandemic

Friday 17 July, 3pm

Starting a new job during the pandemic

Steven Parker, Praesta Partners UK

Coach, Executive Board leader


Monday 20 July, 4pm

How do you manage your personal brand when you are virtual?

Wednesday 22 July, 3pm

How to communicate effectively working virtually

Monday 27 July, 10am

Conscious Coupling: Dual Careers in the Age of Longevity

Tuesday 28 July, 4pm

Looking for a job during the pandemic

Wednesday 29 July, 12pm (noon)