Impact Mentoring Opens to Young Alumnae Leaders

It’s been a year since we went into lockdown and we had to learn to navigate new ways of working and reshaping the culture needed during the pandemic. Many of us have been hard hit.  Others not so much, however for many of us, we might find that our purpose and values have shifted and in view of this, we need to assess our career path going forward post-pandemic.

The UK INSEAD Alumni Impact Mentoring has decided to open its doors to a pilot scheme for young lNSEAD alumnae to give you the support needed to navigate our current climate.

We offer a unique 9 months programme

* Dual perspective with 2 mentors(a female and a male)
* Challenge based matching
* Safe space
* Experienced INSEAD alumni pool of mentors (6×1 hour with each mentor, a total of 12 hours)

Female MBA graduates 2015-2020 or equivalent (CCC, IM, …) who have shown to have serious aspirations, with a willingness to commit to completing the full programme.

Nominal contribution of £200 once accepted to cover partial costs of platform. The programme is 100% volunteer led.

Thanks to Chronus – the leading mentoring software system!

Thanks to Dawn Capital Platinum Founding Partner!

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