Young Leaders Programme

The UK INSEAD Alumni Impact Mentoring is currently running its second cohort of the Young Leaders Programme!

The Programme is for INSEAD alumnae that graduated less than 5 years ago and are a member of the UK NAA. The cohort for the 2022 Young Leaders Programme is now closed.  Email us for more information.

Why join? We offer: 

* Dual perspective with 2 mentors(a female and a male)
* A unique 9 months programme
* Challenge based matching
* Safe space
* Experienced INSEAD alumni pool of mentors (6×1 hour with each mentor, a total of 12 hours)

* Female MBA graduates 2015-2020 or equivalent (CCC, IM, …) who aspire to make a difference.

* Nominal contribution of £200 once accepted to cover partial costs of platform. The programme is 100% volunteer led.


“The goals of my mentoring partnership agreement have been met; to clarify my thinking & start to define my next chapter. I feel much better placed to continue the process now myself.”

“I have been able to define my career path, balanced work and have made great connections.” 

“The mentorship has helped me to clarify my goals, my strategy for progressing my career and finding the next role. I have had access to senior alumni whose experience is very valuable.”

“Excellent idea to have a man and a woman as mentors as since they provide such different perspectives.” 

Thanks to Chronus – the leading mentoring software system!

Thanks to Dawn Capital Platinum Founding Partner!

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