Connect, Learn and Share: Mentor Masterclass with Ali Farquhar, Steven Parker and Helen Pitcher

At this special evening on 2nd February 2021, mentors had the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and share some advice.


Principal, GLT Coaching and Consulting
Board Leader and Mentor
Chairman, Board member, Board facilitator and Coach

The panellists started the interactive evening with some questions that were sent in advance from the audience. Some of the key questions addressed by the panel were:

How can one set boundaries on sharing personal experiences of mentees? How do mentors find the balance between having the mentee come to realisations of their own versus mentors directly “advising” them on what to do? How is the mentoring success measured?

Key takeaways and advice:

  • Setting goals with the mentee at the beginning of the relationship is important, although goals might change throughout the mentoring process
  • Mentors can gage their ‘success’ by setting expectations in the beginning of the relationship, by frequently reviewing the sessions with mentees and asking them for constant feedback
  • Lead with questions rather than giving answers
  • If the mentor feels that he/she can support with personal issues, it is appropriate to help
  • INSEAD Impact Mentoring will help mentors with putting up resources and/or there is a possibility to talk to various mentors for a second opinion

Some final advice was to encourage the mentee to see through the process if the mentor thinks it is right for both; always prepare for meetings and self-initiate. Finally, we can all learn from one another, which is why the feedback from all mentees and mentors is vital to keep improving the Impact Mentoring programme.

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